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Blog Post #1

Stay Humble.

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable? Now, there are many answers to this…some realistic, some unrealistic. I have the frugal, or alternative, mindset these days, so I’m definitely leaning towards realism and the attainability factor. People say shoot for the stars, but I’d prefer shooting for a happy medium, one…

Career Advising

Who would you like to talk to soon? It may or may not be needed, but someday soon I’d consider talking to a career advisor. I’m a multipotentialite–a person with many interests and creative pursuits–whose mind is in limbo amidst a potential career change. I’ve been asking myself questions like: Should I pursue being a…


I’ve never given much thought to dealing in the art of the written word. Heck, I’ve never been gifted enough, or even committed enough, to want to pursue it. To want to write, one would need the time, the energy, and the ideas; none of which I had. I admit that I am a gifted…

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