Stay Humble.

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?

Now, there are many answers to this…some realistic, some unrealistic. I have the frugal, or alternative, mindset these days, so I’m definitely leaning towards realism and the attainability factor. People say shoot for the stars, but I’d prefer shooting for a happy medium, one that keeps my ego in check, conserves my money, and helps me enjoy life the way God intended. And someday, down the line, I’ll find the love of my life, have a kid or two or three, be financially sound, and have a ball in a career I love, among other things. After all, is “having it all” attainable? Sure. Whatever you desire. As long as you follow one simple rule… Stay Humble.

Career Advising

Who would you like to talk to soon?

It may or may not be needed, but someday soon I’d consider talking to a career advisor. I’m a multipotentialite–a person with many interests and creative pursuits–whose mind is in limbo amidst a potential career change. I’ve been asking myself questions like: Should I pursue being a teacher? Would 100% remote work be a perfect fit for me? What am I worth? Am I dealing with Imposter Syndrome?

My professional working life has been a whirlwind of career changes, ultimately leading to my need for three spinal fusions. My last fusion (June 2022), being a redo of my first lumbar fusion (April 2021), has given me doubts about what my body can handle for work now. I’ve lost some flexibility and physicality, which now makes it difficult for me to do the type of work I love to do… extremely physical work.

So back in October 2021, I started my proofreading journey. I obtained my general proofreading certificate online and began my solo business, Treetz Proofs, offering customized proofreading solutions for paying and pro-bono clients. I was praying it would kick off a new full-time career for me, but as I tirelessly sought out various opportunities and not receiving much work, I realized proofreading might be a VERY part-time career. I hope one day, my countless searches will be more fruitful, as I am a highly-dedicated, organized, and responsible individual (thank you, Boy Scouts).


I’ve never given much thought to dealing in the art of the written word. Heck, I’ve never been gifted enough, or even committed enough, to want to pursue it. To want to write, one would need the time, the energy, and the ideas; none of which I had. I admit that I am a gifted speller, having been in a few spelling bees when I was younger, and the go-to person whenever someone wants to know the correct spelling of a word. Words fascinate me. That’s probably why I’ve always been an avid reader.

Just like I mentioned in my “About Me” page, I have read the whole Harry Potter series at least 20 times through. I remember when the fourth book, The Goblet of Fire, came out. I sat on the couch for 10 hours straight; I burned the midnight oil just to finish it. I was so engrossed in it I didn’t even get up to use the bathroom, eat a meal, or even get a glass of water. I almost had that same experience when I read Brian Jacques’ Redwall series; I couldn’t put down Taggerung and Salamandastron. The vast array of characters (all animals), the unique way they spoke, and that good always prevailed over evil. Maybe someday I’ll be able to write like he did.

Then again, I could always stick to blogging and/or content writing. I feel like something deep inside me is telling me to give it a shot. What’s the harm, right? It’s not like I’m being graded on it like in my many years of schooling. I’ve been realizing that what’s holding me back is the ingrained notion of mediocrity, due to all the half-decent essays I’ve completed in my lifetime. Well, I think it’s about time to distance myself from my former high school/college self.

It’s time to reinvent Taylor Reetz.

To be continued…