Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Treetz Proofs retains no rights to and holds no responsibility for any aspect of the published project they have edited. You, the client, will have full control over further revisions after the project has been proofread and returned.

At the start of a project, a typed-up contract will be sent to the client for their information and a signature, and then it must be returned to Treetz Proofs promptly. This contract will be used to keep us accountable and for billing purposes.

Treetz Proofs has the right to deny service to a client or to withdraw from a client’s project for any reason with given notice. Reasons for withdrawal from a project include but are not limited to unfriendly emails, history of non-payment or delayed payment, and other toxic experiences with a client (e.g., unfair and/or unwarranted demands).


Treetz Proofs allows transfers through PayPal, Bill.com, and direct deposit for payments.

All payments must be paid in full no more than a day or two after the return of the proofread document(s). Any late payment will incur a 1% late fee after 7 days of non-payment and a 5% late fee for 30 days of non-payment. After 30 days of non-payment, legal action will be taken.

Cancellations and Refunds

If a client needs to request a cancellation, please email: ReetzT91@gmail.com, or use the Contact Me form.

Refunds are based on both a percentage system and the amount of proofreading done on the project. For example, if you paid $50 and 50 percent of the project was completed, you would get a refund of $25 and the partially proofread project.

The Treetz Proof Promise

If a client is not satisfied with the proofreading service that has been provided, the T.P. Promise guarantees a second round of proofreading at no additional cost.

The T.P. Promise also guarantees complete confidentiality when handling all projects.